Bluetooth Synchronized Solar Road Stud

Bluetooth synchronized solar road stud

The Bluetooth synchronized solar road stud, which is also called Bluetooth solar co-frequency road stud, refers to the solar road studs installed separated which flash in the same frequency. It can delineate the way and the obstacles on the ground in the best visual effect. For the Bluetooth synchronized solar road studs work in the same flashing mode, they are always applied in the edge lines of the road, around the green belt and the obstacles, which are a effective technology method to beautify the cities, and they can also guide the drivers in fog weather conditions.

Bluetooth Synchronized Solar Road Stud

Specification on Bluetooth Synchronized Solar Road Stud

1.Material: Aluminium(GB-ADC-12)+PC(Japan Brand)
2.Lens: PMMA(ASTM D4280 & EN1463-1 standard)
3.Power supply: USA Brand High Efficient Solar Panel 5V/60MA
4.Battery: Lithum battery(3.2V/500mah)
(1):Communication frequency: 2.4G HZ
(2):Communication mode: Duplex
(3):Receive sensitivity: -92db
(4)Communication distance: Above 10m
(5)Stand-by power consumption: 2ma@3V
5.LED Color: Red,Yellow,White,Blue,Green
6.Working model: Synchronized flashing(2Hz)
7.Working hours: 55hours after fully charged
8.Installation distance:4M
9.Resistance: 30T
10.Water proof: IP68
11.Life span: 5Years