Solar Road Stud

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LED Solar Road Stud

Parameter of the solar road stud:
1. Name: Aluminum solar road stud
2. Material: Aluminum+PC
3. Power supply: Monocrystalline solar panel:
4. 2.5V/120MA for NI-MH;
5. 5V/60MA for lithum battery;
6. Battery: NI-MH 1.2V/ 600mah(high temperature resistance);
7. Lithum battery 3.2V/500MA(made in Japan)
8. LED: Ultra bright diameter 5mm( 6pcs)
9. LED Color: Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,White
10. Working model: Blinking or constant(charged at daytime, working automatically at night)
Working Hours: (1).Blinking:140hours for NI-MH battery; 130hours for lithum battery;
(2).Constant:40hours for NI-MH battery; 35hours for lithum battery;
11. Visual distance: >800m
12 Water proof: IP68
13. Resistance: 20T
14. Size: 108mm*97mm*25mm
15 Packing: 2pc/box;60pcs/ctn
16. Carton size: 58.5*24.5*18.5cm

Features of the LED solar road stud:
1. The solar road stud products use the solar energy and LED, which have the features of energy-saving, environmental protection and easy installation.
2. The solar road stud has independent energy supply, and it can work automatically at night.
3. The solar road stud works through LEDs with the condition of Constant ON or Flickering, which has evident effect on warning and guidance.
4. The exported silicon chips are applied to the solar panel, which is stable and has high conversion rate.
5. The solar road stud has high reflective illumination. The reflective illumination of the ordinary reflective road stud is only 300mcd to 400mcd, however, that of the solar road stud can be 2000mcd, which is 6 to 7 times of that of the ordinary road stud, and the reflective illumination of the LED is over 6000mcd.
6. Active luminescence and active alert. The solar road stud can flicker in certain frequency at night, which has strong effect on active alert. Active luminescence can not only get rid of the interference of rain or fog to the greatest extent, but make drivers get rid of their reliance on light of the car itself. The solar road stud has long visual distance.

LED Solar Road Stud

Pictures of the LED solar road studs with different colors

Solar Road Stud

LED Road Road Stud: Blue


LED Road Road Stud: White


LED Road Road Stud: Yellow


LED Road Road Stud: Green


Application and installation of the

LED solar road studs

Application of the LED solar road studs
1. The solar road stud warns the drivers in rainy or foggy days through synchronous blinking, and it has features of active luminescence and flickering warning when compared with the ordinary reflective road stud. The solar road stud has the functions of vertigo prevention and clear.
2. Entrance or ramp of the expressways, road with sharp curve, and entrance and exit of the toll station.
3. Gate of schools, intersections of residential areas, intersections, signal lights, hotels, parks, and entrance or exit of the underground garages.

Application of the LED solar road studs
Application of the LED solar road studs
Application of the LED solar road studs

Installation of the LED solar road stud
1. The isolation facilities should be installed to keep the workers safe, which is quite important and cannot be neglected. And in the whole project, all people should inside the safety facilities. If the solar road studs are installed in the working roads, the ratio of the security officers and installation workers should be 1:1, and in the non-open roads this ratio should be 1:3.
2. Make sure of the installation site and guarantee the site is even. The road surface should be leveling with the roads with expansion joint and cracks.
3. Clean the installation site with brushes and keep the installation site dry.
4. Smash appropriate amount of adhesive on the solar road stud.
5. Press the solar road stud on the ground tightly. If the adhesive are smashed to much, remember to clean it off.
6. If the cast aluminium road studs are installed, the depth of the foot should be 1cm deeper than the foot itself, and the diameter of the foot should be 2mm wider than that of the foot itself.
7. Investigations should be carried out every two hours after installation to make sure that the solar road studs are not installed in wrong direction.
8. The isolation facilities can be removed after 4 hours of the consolidation of the road studs.

The installation of the LED solar road stud is not complex, but they are some details should be paid more attention, which is quite important to guarantee the quality and service time of the road stud.