Solar Road Stud

Solar road studs are a traffic facility which has safety function and are wide used all over the world. The intense brightness of the leds on the studs make them easily to be seen at the distance of about 900 meters under good weather conditions, which decrease the happening of traffic accidents effectively.

  • Aluminum solar road stud

    Solar Road Studs:NK-RS-A1

  • Road cats eyes

    Solar Road Studs:NK-RS-C1

  • 3M Solar Road Stud

    Solar Road Studs:NK-RS-D1

  • Led road stud

    Solar Road Studs: NK-RS-A6

  • Solar stud

    Solar Road Studs: NK-RS-A6-1

  • Tempered Glass LED Solar Road Stud

    Solar Road Studs: NK-RS-A7

  • Tempered Glass LED Solar Road Stud

    Solar Road Studs: NK-RS-Q7

  • Amber reflective studs

    Solar Road Studs:NK-RS-A8

  • Pavement Marker Solar Road Stud

    Solar Road Studs:NK-RS-X5

  • monocrystalline silicon solar road stud

    Solar Road Studs:NK-RS-T1

The advantages of solar road stud:

1. High brightness.
The brightness of ordinary reflective road stud is only 300 MCD to 400 MCD, while the brightness of led solar road stud can be up to 2000 MCD, 6 to 7 times of the former. The high brightness light from the led road stud can penetrate fog at night to guide the driver safely and effectively.

2. Active emission.
The solar road stud flickers in some frequency at night with strong dynamic warning effect. Active emission of led solar road stud can not only prevent mist interference in the largest extent, but get rid of the dependence of the drivers on car lights with farther and better visual distance.

Application of Solar Road Stud

Features of solar road studs:

1. Easy installation. Needs no external power and paved circuit, can be firmly installed by epoxy resin glue or screws.
2. Solar Panel, low power consumption.
3. Excellent warning effect. All LEDs can perform more soundly in active lighting, high brightness.
4. Anti -high (low) temperature.
5. Passed CE, ROHS and ISO9001:2000.
6. Designed by integrated circuit and thermostability rechargeable batteries from solar road studs manufacturers. Ensure the long servicing life and performance of the product.

Installation of solar road studs

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