Cat Eye Road Stud
Cat Eye Road Stud

The Cat Eye Road Stud Meets CE Standard

The led cat eye is a kind of reflective road stud, which shapes round. Compared with the traditional road stud, the led cat eye is much brighter, and the reflectivity will become stronger when gets dark.

Road cat eyes

Waterproof reflective Cat Eyes LED solar road stud

Cat eyes solar road stud use sunlight, use LED as the light source, it is energy saving, environmental protection, easy installation, long life, stable and reliable

Road cat eyes

Aluminum Solar Cat Eye Reflective Road Stud

Aluminum solar cat eye reflective road stud adopt high brightness LED as light source, according with safety standards, energy saving,

Road cat eyes

360degree tempered glass cat eyes road stud

Cat eye glass road stud is made of special high intensity glass in high temperature. 360 degree of this products reflective and making it the all-position reflective warning light.

Road cat eyes

High Quality LED Solar Cat Eye Road Studs

Solar cat eye road stud use LED as the light source, it is energy saving, environmental protection, easy installation.

Road cat eyes

Cat Eyes Road Stud:NK-RS-A6-1

Strong adhesion: reflective layer is not easy to grind off because it fixed to the road by an anti-twist stem for added stability.

Road cat eyes

Road cats eyes

The cat’s eye is what’s called a retroreflective safety device. As you are driving you’ll see reflective road studs marking the road.

Road cat eyes

Road Cat Eye is Widely Used in Underground Garage

The living standards of people nowadays have increased gradually, so an increasing number of cars come into their lives.

Road cat eyes

Where can We Buy Road Cats Eyes ?

For the traffic safety industry flourished in recent years, an increasing number of traffic facility companies are set.

Road cat eyes

China road cat eyes reflector

We bring forth road cat eye reflectors range that is known for high efficiency and long life among the buyers.

Solar Cat Eyes

Reflective solar road cat eyes

Solar cats eye reflectors are traditionally used within work zones to complement temporary road markings.

Road cat eye

Road Marking, Solar Flashing Road Cat Eyes

Road cat eye is one kind of solar road studs, Its set up along the sides of the road to Indicate the direction, At night time or during the rainy or fog weather. It made of reflection material.

Glass Cat Eye Road Stud

Features of Reflective Cat Eye Road Stud

The reflective cat eye road studs are traffic safety facilities. The normal size of the reflective cat eye road stud is 100mm*100mm*20mm, and the height of it is less than 25mm.

Glass Cat Eye Road Stud

360 Degree Tempered Glass Cat Eyes Road Stud

For the traffic safety facilities are widely used in our daily life, many kinds of road studs are produced to meet all the clients’ unique needs.

Cat Eye Road Stud

The Solar Led Cat Eye Road Studs Pass the road test in Canada

Another product made by NOKIN becomes popular in Canada, which is the solar led cat eye road stud of NK-RS-D1. On Apr 19th, 2016, our Canada client purchased 1,300 pieces of solar led cat eye road stud of NK-RS-D1.

Green cat eye

3m Cat Eye

The 3m cat eye not only warns people about the road condition in advance, but also has lower consumption. It uses the solar energy to give out light automatically.