Solar Traffic Sign - Island Road

In order to relieve the traffic pressure of cities, an increasing number of city islands are built. It brings convenience to people driving on the road, but at the same time, more accidents are happened in those areas. So a traffic sign of Island Road should be installed to draw the drivers’ attention and let them notice the road condition. The solar traffic sign of Island Road can give out automatically in adverse weathers, and it can penetrate thick fog, which is better than the ordinary one. The Island Road signs can warn people to drive in a ring on right side, and they are always installed in the coming direction of cars.

Solar traffic sign of island road Solar traffic sign of island road


Voltage:DC12V,DC 6V
Visual Distance: >800m
Working Time in Rainy Days: >360hs

Features of the solar traffic signs:
- Blinking automatically at night or on adverse weathers.
- High-quality solar panel and amber leds.
- High flashing frequency.
- Long visual distance of over 800 meters, and the drivers can know the road condition in advance.
- Energy saving and lower consumption. Using solar energy which is environmentally friendly.
- Long visual distance of over 800 meters to notice drivers about the road condition in advance.
- Strong light. The distance of leds is less than 4.5 cm, which can give out strong light at night or bad weathers.

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