Road Stud Reflectors

Road Stud Reflectors:NK-1001

Road Stud: NK-1001

As a professional reflective road stud reflectors supplier, our mission is to ensure public safety by providing quality reflective road studs with the best reflective road studs price.

Road Stud Reflectors:NK-1002

Road Stud: NK-1002

The advantages of our road stud reflectors on motorway are ASTM D4280 & EN 1463-1 standard; high reflectivity, fade resistance; special groove design to improve reflectivity and compression resistance.

Road Stud Reflectors:NK-1003

Road Stud: NK-1003

Nokin plastic reflective road stud reflector is made of 100% ABS material and the reflective lens can be glass-faced to meet South Africa market like Brazil, etc.

Road Stud Reflectors: NK-1004

Road Stud: NK-1004

The aluminium reflective road stud reflectors extreme durability for sensitive areas. They are designed to resist extreme impacts, providing a durable road stud for all applications and optimum lane indication when visibility is dramatically reduced.

Road Stud Reflectors: NK-RS-A1

Road Stud: NK-RS-A1

The intelligent aluminum solar road stud reflector can help to reduce accident at regional rail crossing, intersection and provide guidance and hazard warning to drivers in darkness and bad weathers.

Road Stud Reflectors: NK-RS-A6

Road Stud: NK-RS-A6

Led road stud reflector is the flashing solar cell powered and maintenance-free lighting device used in road construction to delineate and /or illuminate the lanes to road users during the day and night.

Road Stud Reflectors: NK-RS-A6-1

Road Stud: NK-RS-A6-1

The new designed and patent solar road stud reflector could stand the pressure of 30 Tons so that cars can drive on the solar led marker lights directly. Solar led marker lights are tested in water proof, charge rate and hardness before selling.

Road Stud Reflectors: NK-RS-A8

Road Stud: NK-RS-A8

This NK-RS-A8 amber reflective road stud reflectors can provide superior route visibility, simple installation with no cost for maintenance.

Road Stud Reflectors: NK-RS-C1

Road Stud: NK-RS-C1

The cats eye road stud reflectors are specifically designed with road safety in mind and can help to prevent serious accidents and emit reflect light, which makes the solar cat eye road stud cost effective, easy to install and require absolutely no wires or maintenance.

Road Stud Reflectors: NK-RS-D1

Road Stud: NK-RS-D1

Designed by integrated circuit and thermostability rechargeable batteries from solar road stud reflectors manufacturers. Ensure the long servicing life and performance of the product.

The brand of NOKIN is highly spoken by the clients all over the world, and we have plenty of practical installation experience in different counties, so we know the using environment of solar road reflectors around the world. We will participate in the lighting fair in Europe, the Middle East, and Hong Kong, and the products of NOKIN own various certificate of the world class, which all increase the brand value of our company. Quality is our core competence, and we concentrate on every details and to be the best in all aspects. If you have questions about the road road , please send e-mails to us, and we will give you reply within 24 hours.