Common problems of road stud installation

The road studs are widely installed nowadays, and the quality problem and service life of them have got more attention. While in the process of practical application, damage and shortening of the service life of road stud appear frequently, which is caused by improper installation.

Road Stud Road studSolar Road Stud: NK-RS-Q7 Solar Road Stud: NK-RS-Q7

1. Uneven installation site of road stud. If the road stud is installed in an uneven site, the pressure on it would be non-uniform, which is concentrated almost on the convex and concave part so that the road stud is easy to break into pieces if there are any big tonnage vehicles running on it.

2. Dirty installation position of the road stud. The fastness of road stud depends on the joint connection of road stud, glue and ground. If the installation position is not clean, the dust would take most of the boning force of glue that the bond of road stud is not firm, and the road stud is easy to fall off or fall apart with the ground due to external shocks.    

3. Too much glue or insufficient glue in installation. Insufficient glue would reduce the fastness between the road stud and the ground, and decrease the service life of road stud; while if the dosage of glue is overmuch, excess glue will seeping from all around of road stud, which is easy to wipe to the reflectors of road stud, affecting its brightness.

4. Lower environment temperature when allocating epoxy resin glue. Epoxy resin glue is a two-component glue that the glue and curing agent must be mixed according to certain proportion ratio and stir evenly to work efficiently. But the epoxy resin glue would congeal in cold weather in winter so that it's not easy to stir evenly. Thus, the glue must be heated before using.

road stud installation road stud installation road stud installation road stud installation

5. The holding method of road stud is not scientific. The road stud must be held on the both sides of no reflectors in order to avoid putting the glue on the reflectors, and if the glue is put on the reflectors, the brightness of the road stud will be influenced.  

6. The mounting hole of road stud is shallow and thin. This is mainly for the casting aluminum road stud with foot screw. Cast aluminum road stud with foot screw has better shock resistance, compressive performance and longer service life then other types of road studs, due to a part of road stud is embedded into the ground. But in the process of installation, if the hole is too shallow or thin, the bottom of road stud can't contact with the ground fully, which would affect the bonding effect between the road stud and the ground. 

7. Glue curing time is not enough after installation. After installation of road stud, there should be a period of time for curing the glue to make the road stud and ground bonded closely, four hours are recommended. But in the actual process, a lot of people would remove the isolation facilities in less than two hours after installation. As a result, the road stud would deform or even fall off under the vehicle dashing and rolling.

8. Being installed on the marked lines on the ground. The marked lines are painted with the resin material. For it is painted on the ground, it has limited connection force with the ground. If the road studs are installed directly on the marked line, the impact force on the road stud will be shifted to the marked lines totally, which will make the road stud fall apart with the marked lines or the ground, and sometimes the marked lines will be destroyed with the falling apart of the road stud.
9. The adhesive is not smeared evenly. In the installation, the used amount of the road stud should be moderately, and it should be smeared evenly, which makes all the parts of the road stud can get even load and avoid the falling apart of the road stud, which is caused by uneven load.

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