NOKIN Solar Road Stud Lights

Solar road stud lights working Principle:
The working principle of solar road studs can be briefly summarized as follows: solar panels absorb sunlight during the day, converting solar energy into electricity, which is stored in energy storage devices (batteries or capacitors). At night, the electrical energy in the storage device is automatically converted into light energy (controlled by photoelectric switch), through the LED emits a bright light to outline the road, to induce the driver's line of sight.

According to the different installation locations, solar road stud lights can be divided into two types of buried and raised. Because the installation in the center line of the solar road stud lights on the compressive performance requirements are particularly high, therefore, the former is generally used in the middle line of the road, the latter is mostly used for road edge line.
According to the different energy storage components, solar road stud lights can be divided into capacitive and battery type two. The former's service life of up to five to seven years, the latter's service life generally varies from one to three years.
Embedded solar road studs on the road damage, and capacitive solar road studs and the cost is too high, therefore, the industry is currently the most used or raised battery solar road stud lights. The following author to the raised battery solar road stud as an example, to discuss the performance of solar road stud products in China, the problems and future development trends.

Basic performance requirements:
Solar road stud lights in a variety of forms, installation locations are not the same. No matter what kind of solar road studs, consider its basic characteristics should be from the following aspects.
Pressure resistance.
If the solar road stud lights can not withstand a certain pressure, in the car crushing or impact rupture, solar road studs can not work properly, therefore, the pressure is the solar road stud lights normal work of the most into this condition. Solar road stud itself is an electronic product, in order to its electronic components part of the high pressure resistance, must comply with national standards, NOKIN solar road studs each technology is in line with national production standards, the pressure index can reach more than 40 tons, the quality is particularly good.