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We specialize in road safety industry for more than 15 years. As the professional road stud supplier, we are engaged in providing clients with high-quality road stud, solar road stud, reflective road stud and other solar road signs. All our products are ISO9001:2000, CE & RoHS approved. If you have any questions about the products or others, you can contact us freely, we will give you feedback in 24 hours.

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Solar Road Stud


Solar road stud

Solar Road Stud


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Solar Road Stud


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How to Choose a Qualified Solar Road Stud?

A. Sealing performance
If the solar road stud is not sealed perfectly, the water will penetrate into them, which will cause short circuit, which will bring disastrous consequence, so a qualified solar road stud must have perfect performance in sealing.

B. Pressure resistance
The solar road stud will break into pieces after being cracked by the cars if it cannot resist certain pressure, so the solar road stud must have good performance in pressure resistance. But some cheap road studs have hollow structures, which can decrease the cost. The qualified solar road stud has no difference with the cheap one in outlook, once the unqualified solar road studs are put into use, the quality problem will appear after 3 to 5 months.

C. Brightness
The solar road stud can guide the drivers through automatic illumination, and only when the brightness reaches 2000MCD, the solar road stud is qualified. However, the reflective road stud can only give out light through the reflection of the light of the vehicles, which is lower in lamination quality than the solar road stud.

D. Solar panel
The solar panel absorbs solar energy, which can be transformed into electrical energy, which is the first procedure. Now the monocrystalline silicon solar panel is widely applied, and the photoelectric conversion rate is about 14% to ensure the energy supply of the solar road stud. The solar road stud must be hard, if the anti-friction is not hard enough, it is easy to be grind.

E. Environmental adaptation performance
The application environment of the solar road stud in complicated, and the application temperature and humidity are different. All of these will influence the normal work of the solar road stud, so the environmental adaptation performance should be taken into consideration in the design of the solar road stud.

The service time of the road stud of NOKIN can be 5 years, and the pressure resistance of it can be over 25 tons. The solar products of NOKIN can work effectively in the temperature of -40-85°C, and the waterproof class is IP68. The products of NOKIN have been exported to 46 countries, such as South Africa, Russia, America, Japan, Korea and India, for its perfect quality and good service.

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