The Functions of Road Studs Markers

Road studs markers according to the material, there will generally be plastic road studs, aluminum road studs, glass road studs and ceramic road studs. According to the light source can be divided into solar road studs and reflective road studs.
Plastic reflective road studs are made of high-density polyethylene. They are ideal for permanent or temporary marking. Reflective road studs have high visibility during the day due to their white or yellow color, and at night due to their prismatic acrylic reflectors. In case of rain, they maintain their reflective properties due to the raised body of the asphalt surface.

We use solar road studs to mark the edges and centerline of the driveway. Solar road studs can be used to provide direction on one-way illuminated roads. The solar road studs are made into various graphics, for example when a vehicle is traveling in the right direction, the driver will see a green arrow. In the wrong direction, a red cross will be seen.
Depending on the structure of the road stud markers body, we can have three types of solar road studs. The first is a raised road stud with a flat bottom. When installed, they will provide a small height on the road. Screws are used to secure this type to the surface of the path. The second type is a road stud with a spike. The wide center shaft across the path improves mounting to the ground. Similar to the first, it stays above the surface to provide a height. Embedded solar road studs are the third type. They are very different in appearance from the two mentioned above, but work on the same principle. Installation of this type road studs involves drilling a cylindrical hole in the path. After removing debris, glue is poured into the hole. Finally, the road studs are pressed into the hole and made secure.

The original function of road stud markers was actually to increase road safety, improve visibility of the road at night, and provide drivers with a clear and unambiguous outline of the road. With the development of technology, the role of solar road studs does not only lie in this, in recent years the emerging intelligent crosswalk is the latest function of the road studs, road stud markers and solar signs are connected, when the detector detects the passage of pedestrians, the road studs and signs will be frequently flashing, to remind vehicles of pedestrian passage.The combination of road studs and traffic lights means that the color of the road studs changes with the color of the traffic lights.
With the development of technology, I believe the use of road studs will be more and more, such as detection of road ice or congestion, turn warning, etc., let us look forward to the arrival of these new features!