Classification of road stud

Road stud, also known as raised pavement marker, mainly refers to the stud used on the road. It can be fixed on the pavement with marking effect. It can be used to in the highway or other roads to mark the center line, lane line and edge line; also be used to mark the corners, ramp entrance, guide line, narrow roads, road barriers and other dangerous sections. Road stud is commonly used with pavement marking or in the form of analog pavement marking. It is a kind of traffic safety facility to remind the driver to drive by the lane through its reflective properties.


Aluminum road stud Solar road stud Plastic road stud

By material:
1, Aluminum road stud;
2, Plastic road stud;
3, Ceramic road stud;
4, Glass road stud;
5, Reflective road stud (21 beads and 43 beads, can be combined into the aluminum and plastic road stud)

By function:
1, Ordinary road stud;
2, Solar road stud;
3, Tunnel cable road stud;
4, Wireless road stud

Single-faced road stud Double-faced road stud

By the number of reflective surface:
Single-faced road stud and double-faced road stud.

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