NOKIN Solar LED Road Stud Round Type

Nokin Traffic has a round solar led road stud that is very popular in the Philippines, it is an embedded led road stud, Nokin as a manufacturer of solar road studs with rich experience in production, has achieved cooperation with many customers in the Philippines. Round LED solar road studs are reliable traffic lighting facilities. The application of LED solar road studs on the road can effectively reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.
The installation of solar road studs is of great importance to traffic safety. Without solar road studs on the highway, extremely serious traffic accidents are prone to occur. The specific frequency of strobe can better play the role of solar led road studs traffic safety, will not interfere with the driver's vision, and will not make the driver feel annoyed.
Solar led road studs can illuminate the road in foggy days. Clouds and fog are influenced by the local microclimate environment. As fog is difficult to forecast and predict, it is difficult for vehicles to be informed or warned in advance, which often leads to serious traffic accidents.
Considering the reliability, cost performance, color temperature and luminous efficiency, high brightness LED is chosen as the light source of solar led road studs on the highway. Due to LED low-voltage DC power supply, LED solar road studs on the highway light source control cost is low, adjustable light and dark, frequent switch, easy to operate. LED will not affect the performance of the LED solar road studs on the highway.
NOKIN solar road studs turn on when the light becomes dark, forming a rich visual effect. LED solar road stud lights continue the flowing momentum of the landscape, so that the feeling of interweaving and spreading petals at night is reflected, and people seem to shuttle in the flowing green forest.