Method of Installation of Road Studs

The fix construction technology of road studs:

Install the isolation facilities→deal with the adhesive surface→make up the glue for road studs→gluing and pasting→solidifying and maintenance



1. Install the isolation facilities
The installation place should be even and confirmed first, and the plastic cones should be place on the edge of the installation site in advance. If there the surface of road is not smooth, we should repair it to make it an even place. All of the workers should wear the reflective cloth before installation. All workers should follow the rules of not joking, not quarrel and fight, and not drinking wines 6 hours before the installation.

2. Deal with the adhesive surface
The adhesive place should be dry and clean, and there cannot have sand, water, oil and sewage on the site. It should be washed with steel brush, and dried with compressed air. If the adhesive place sinks badly, we should make it even with road stud glue. (Notice: A. The thin sheet of cement paste on the newly built road should be removed with steel brush or angle grinder before installation. B. The road studs cannot be installed over the expansion joint. )

3. Make up the glue for road studs
1) The road stud glue are composed by two components, A glue and B glue, and it will be good to be mixed with machine, which can be composed with electric hammer and stirring tooth, and the stirring tooth can be made by the cross shapedф14 rebar which is the same with the material of head of the electric hammer drill.
2) Prepare a clean container (a plastic or mental basin without grease dirt, water and impurities) and a weighing scale to mix the glue according to the dose proportion, and then mix them for 5 to 8 minutes with the agitator when the components A and B mix with each other evenly. It will be better to stir them in one direction, and try to avoid mixing in air, which may form bubbles.
3) The glue should not be mixed with a large quantity. We can mix it when we need.

4. Gluing and pasting
1) When the glue is mixed, it should be pasted in the surface of the ground or the adhesive place of road studs evenly with the thickness of around 2mm. Placing the road studs on the right place, and press them with fingers, and it will be good for the glue just running over the surroundings of the road stud.
2) For the road stud with foot, the diameter of the digging hole should be 4mm wider than that of the foot, and the depth of the hole should be 2mm deeper than that of the foot, and the hole must be vertical to the ground. Then putting the mixed glue into the hole and make it hard.

5. Solidifying and maintenance
1) Normal temperature or low temperature will be good for the solidifying of the road studs.  If the road studs are put in the temperature of around  25°C, the solidifying time will be 24 hours; the road studs can work normally after 48 hours if the solidifying temperature is about 5°C. The bolting force will be longer with the extension of time.
2) The road studs should be kept standing for 6 hours, and they should be re-pasted if they are removed or crashed.

Solar Road Stud: NK-RS-Q7 Solar Road Stud: NK-RS-Q7

Notice: It needs some time for the glue to consolidate to connect the road studs with the road surface closely after the installation of road studs. And the consolidation time is recommended to be 6 to 8 hours. However, the isolation facilities on the installation site will be removed 2 hours after the installation, and this is not good for the working and service life of the road studs. If it is crushed or crashed by cars, it may out of shape, but in some severe cases the road stud would fall apart with road.

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