What are Solar Road Stud Lights

Road studs are road signs that glow at night. They are seen as small heights on the road, road studs mark the boundaries of the lane and improve driving safety. The cat's eye is a traditional road builder, usually installed on roads all over the world. However, with the advancement of solar technology, a new type of stud is entering the market. They are solar road studs.
The solar road stud is a flashing solar device fixed on the road. As an alternative to cat eyes, they are road safety signs that help improve driver's attention. They work as isolated units and do not depend on the power grid. During the day, solar road studs absorb sunlight and release the stored energy at night.

The solar road stud includes a shell, a solar panel is installed on the upper part of the shell, a battery and a controller are installed in the shell, a plurality of LED lights are installed in the shell, and an angle switch sensor and an angle switch sensor are also installed in the shell Connect to the controller. The solar cell, battery, controller, and angle switch sensor are encapsulated in the shell by filling glue. This road stud is controlled by the angle switch. When the railing is in the lowered state, the angle switch sensor sends a signal to the controller, and the controller controls the LED flashing or constant, playing a long-distance, obvious warning role, and solar road studs can effectively prevent the collision of vehicles with the blocking rod.

Solar road stud is an environmentally friendly road stud light. It can absorb sunlight through solar panels during the day to convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in an energy storage device (battery or capacitor). At night or when the light is dark, it automatically converts the electrical energy in the energy storage device into light energy through the control of a photoelectric switch. , Through the light-emitting components to emit various colors of light, solar road studs can be used on the road to outline the outline of the road to guide the driver in the correct direction; it can also be used for decoration in villas or gardens.