Common problems of solar road stud

1. Unqualified compressive strength value
The solar road stud installed on the roads would be crushed or separated if the compressive strength is unqualified, which actually is the result of the unreasonable structure. The main performance of the unreasonable structure are:

A. Pressure nonresistant hollow interior
The harm of hollow interior is also shown in LED lamp shade, which would be destroyed due to the hollow structure, then the LED itself will be damaged.
Detection method: after extraction the whiteboard, impact the LED lamp parts of solar road stud vertically by the free fall of steel ball of 1m high and check whether its lampshade is destroyed or not.

Steel ball drop test on solar road stud:

B. Wrong foot screw structure
The most frequently occurred problem of solar road stud with foot screw is the separation of the upper and lower parts. In the process of rolling compaction of the car, the strength of a few screws is too small so that the top of the solar road stud would fly away after pressing by the car for a few times.  

Solar road stud without food screw is totally glued to the ground, thus it is more stable. While the top of solar road stud with foot screw is fixed to the ground with a few small screws.

2. Pseudo reflection
Japan and South Korea company are the first one to make solar road stud into active emitting and passive emitting types. Their demand for solar road stud is that if the solar road stud can't work due to various reasons, the reflective light of road stud can be used to make up.

Identification method of reflectors: put the solar road stud 10 meters away, then hold a small flashlight in hand. Put the flashlight between two eyes and cast light on product surface to see whether it can reflect light or not.

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