Solar street light has wonderful prospect

Combined the technology of light, electric, mechanic and control, the solar street light uses the solar energy, which is inexhaustible in supply and always available for use, and it has the advantage of energy-saving and environmentally friendly, intelligent controllable.

With the consumption of the resources on earth and the increasing of the invest cost of fundamental energy, increasingly importance is attached to solar energy. The main products of solar lights are solar street light, solar courtyard light, solar lawn light, solar road stud and solar signal light. They can be installed in remote areas where is not convenient to use electricity as cities, such as in desert, mountainous area and grassland.

Solar street light

Now, the technology of solar illumination in China has become mature, and the reliability of the solar lights has increased greatly. The lights of the advanced enterprises in this industry has already reached or exceeded to the national illuminating standard. It has strong potential replicability in remote areas where are short of energy. In recent years, China has published a series of policies to promote the development of renewable resources, including the Renewable Energies Promotion Art and Middle and Long Term Program of Renewable Development, which go into effect in 2006. All those policies encourage and support the development of solar energy industry.

In the long term, solar illuminating industry has good prospect. As a rising green energy, the solar energy has been promoted and applied rapidly, and it has applied effectively in the city beautification, road illumination, courtyard illumination, and illumination in other fields. With the rapid change of the illuminating facilities in municipal programs, the market of solar street light will be broad.